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摄像头遮光片主要用于手机,精密仪器遮光部件,金属蚀刻+光学镀膜                                     Camera shutter is mainly applied to mobile phones, precision instrument shading parts, metal etching + optical coating                                    


In cooperation with existing customers entering this field, automotive concept module lenses can be used in extreme environment.

 蚀刻引线框架广泛用于芯片封装, 是电子信息产业中重要的基础材料。                        Etched leading frames are widely used in the chip packaging and are the critical basic material in the electronic information industry.

提供各种精密的异形遮光片,满足客户各类影像需求                                            Providing  various precision special-shaped shading sheet to meet the different shooting needs to the customers.          
音圈电机弹簧片主要应用于自动焦距调整如手机,平板电脑,物探等                     Voice coil motor spring sheet is mainly used in automatic focus adjustment, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, geophysical probes, etc
Product Series
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镀膜工艺 了解更多
产品表面镀膜后反射率降低至0.1%以下。          The reflectance of the product surface is reduced to less than 0.1% after coating. 
企业实力 Enterprise Strength 
10年品牌沉淀, 20000㎡精益化生产基地         10 Years' Brand Precipitation, 20000㎡ lean Production Base         
专注镜头遮光片领域10年,东莞公司备有70余台冲压机台及六台光学镀膜机,陕西公司配置了国产蚀刻线及进口蚀刻线,20000平方米生产基地,可满足大批量生产,定制设计,7天快速打样。                                                                        Focus on the lens blackout for 10 years, there are more than 70  punching machines and 6 optical coating machines in Dongguan Yupin Industrial CO.,Ltd. Equipped with domestic etching line and imported etching line in Shaanxi Yupin Industrial CO.,Ltd, 20,000 square meters production base can meet mass production, customized design and  7 days of rapid proofing.                      
                50人研发设计团队                                  50 people R & D design team  
经验丰富的研发设计团队,提供多对一的定制服务,满足客户需求;根据多元化市场需求打造多种方式,大大缩短新品开发时间,节约您的时间成本                                                                                         Seasoned R&D and design team provide many-to-one customized services to meet customers' needs; Creating a variety of ways according to diversified market needs, which greatly shortens the development time of new products and saves your time costs.
研发团队 R&D Team


品质管控 Quality Control
9S质检标准 30+产品检测报告                              9S quality inspection standard 30+ product test report

完善的质量检测设备,精选品牌原材,30+产品检测报告,安全放心;严格按照9S质检标准,通过ISO9001质量检测标准,ISO14001环境认证体系                                                                                                                                                                                 Perfect quality testing equipments, selected brand raw materials and over 30 product testing reports are safe and assured; In strict accordance with 9S quality inspection standards, through ISO9001 quality inspection standards and ISO14001 environmental certification system.


全天候在线服务 12小时快速报价                

Round-the-clock online service 12-hour quick quote

服务支持 Service  Support


完善的成本系统,可为您提供12小时快速报价,及时响应,服务更贴心。               Perfect service system provides round-the-clock online service from design and production to after-sales attentive service in each step; Perfect cost system can provide you with 12 hours' quick quotation, timely response and more intimate service.


成立于2012年    Established In 2012

广东誉品实业有限公司成立于2012年9月,是一家科技型中小企业及高新技术企业。公司坐落于广东省东莞市长安镇,主要生产金属及非金属五金冲压产品。2019年引进真空镀膜生产线,2020年成立全资公司陕西誉品实业有限公司,引进蚀刻生产线,配套百级、千级无尘车间,自建并自主运营污水处理及回用系统,具有独立环评,并取得排污许可。公司现有高速冲床70余台,真空镀膜生产线6条,半导体级精密蚀刻生产线一条,国产主流蚀刻生产线两条,配套车床、无心磨、坐标磨、平面磨、外圆磨等模具加工设备,最大年产冲压件超过36亿件、蚀刻件13万平方、镀膜件2万平方。公司现有员工310名,厂房面积20,000余平,固定资产1.75亿元。                                    Founded in September 2012, Guangdong Yupin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a technology-based small , medium-sized  and high-tech enterprise. Located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, it mainly produces metal and non-metal metal stamping products. In 2019, the vacuum coating production line was introduced, and in 2020, a wholly-owned company Shaanxi Yupin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established, etching production line was introduced, supporting 100-level and thousand-level dust-free workshops, self-built and independently operated sewage treatment and reuse systems, with independent environmental impact assessment, and obtained sewage discharge permits. The company has more than 70 high-speed punching machines, 6 vacuum coating production lines, one semiconductor precision etching production line, two domestic mainstream etching production lines, supporting lathes, centerless grinding, coordinate grinding, plane grinding, cylindrical grinding and other mold processing equipment, with a maximum annual output of more than 3.6 billion stamping parts, 130,000 square meters of etching parts and 20,000 square meters of coated parts. The company has 310 existing employees, plant area of more than 20,000 square meters, fixed assets of 175 million yuan.

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           广东誉品实业有限公司                                             Guangdong Yu Pin Industrial CO.,Ltd

                固定资产                 Capital Assets


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